Between The Waters

The McClary Family at Friendfield Village

In 1937, Frank McClary of Kingstree, South Carolina, was hired by Hobcaw overseer Marvin Boykin as a plowman.


Frank, his wife, Maudess McClary, and their four children moved into this house.


Robert McClary was seven years old when the family moved to Friendfield. As an adult, he returned to visit on many occasions.


His last visit was in March, 2015. He toured the property with his wife and five daughters and recorded his memories on video. Mr. McClary died on December 15, 2015, at the age of 85.

Francena Green, a niece of Frank McClary’s from Kingstree, South Carolina moved to Friendfield Village in 1939.


Twenty-two when she arrived at Hobcaw, she lived with the McClarys and babysat for their growing family.


Francena Green met and married Charlie McCants, Jr., from Strawberry Village and they had eight children.






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