Between The Waters

One House, Two Families

This small, simple house, built before the Civil War, provided shelter for many people over a period of nearly 100 years.


Several generations of the McCants and McClary families lived and raised children here.




After Timothy McCants, Sr., the next known residents of this dwelling were Timothy McCants, Jr. and his wife, Josephine, known as “Finney.”


Finney McCants worked for the Baruchs as a laundress and Tim was a field hand.





Joshua Shubrick was the grandson of Josephine and Tim McCants.


Joshua's mother, Nellie, born in 1910, lived with her parents, and in 1933 gave birth to her son here. Nellie and Joshua moved to Georgetown when he was a child, but he often visited his grandparents in Friendfield Village.


Mr. Shubrick joined the U.S. Army and served in Korea. In 2004 he and his wife, Alice, moved back to Georgetown.


Alice Shubrick died on October 19, 2011. Joshua died on March 6, 2015.






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